The Tale of Seven Siblings

Somewhere in a town not far away There once lived a family of 7 siblings They were very poor, but worked very hard And the father and mother taught them many good things. At the start of every day They would wake them up and say “Never ever ever give up Because hard work will […]

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Kyle Rittenhouse vs. Jacob Blake

I’ve seen a lot of confusion and misinformation spreading about both the Kyle Rittenhouse and Jacob Blake cases. So I want to take a moment to address some of it. First we’ll look at some facts in the Rittenhouse case then we’ll move on to Blake’s. I’m going to also address some things that black […]

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The Book of Quotes: Summer 2020

Me: What sound does a cow make? 6-year-old: Moo. Me: What sound does a dog make? 6-year-old: Woof. Me: What sound does a human make? 6-year-old: This sound.   1: 4’s are usually emo. 4: Can we not come at 4’s for once? Everyone hates 4’s. 9: I think everyone hates 8’s. 4: No. I […]

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The Church vs. Black Lives Matter

Photo: Steve Sanchez/Shutterstock I wanna tell you a story. It may sound random, but trust me, it’s relevant.  Thousands of years ago when the Christian church was first starting out, there was a brand new heresy that became popular. It came out in the first century and was led by a man named Marcion. His […]

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